Finding Your Religion(s)

There seem to be at least two distinct—though not mutually exclusive—sects in the church of stock photography: Creationists – those who create images specifically for stock libraries, and also what I’ll call Evolutionists – the folks who are happy to wait for an image to come into existence naturally, then capture it. Two of my

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The Ugly Truth

I can't draw for sh*t, um, I mean beans. It's not impossible to think I would have never become a photographer if I had had the ability to draw or paint. I mean who wouldn't like to have the talents of Nancy Howe and be able to portray glimpses of life with hand-mixed pigments and

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Making Things Right(er)

The truth is occasionally I have an idea for a stock image that turns out to be, ready for this, stupid. Hey, it happens. I usually get past it. But this post isn't about one of those times. This is about the times I have an idea that's actually not half bad but somehow the

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Two (glorious) Weeks in Tokyo

I was so fortunate to have been selected to travel to Tokyo, Japan to join more than 50 other iStockphoto and Getty photographers from all parts of the globe for what you might call a nine-day photo orgy, also known as an iStockalypse. During these arranged gatherings of photographers and models the mission is to

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“Home Alone” Shortlisted for “Best Narrative” Award

Talk about feeling honored.  Home Alone, was selected by a panel of accomplished photographers and creatives as one of ten finalists from thousands of nominations in this year's iStockphoto's Stocky Awards, in the Best Narrative category. I remember taking this shot from our Montreal hotel room over Thanksgiving Holiday a couple years ago. This guy

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