Sustainable Design

    Always a pleasure to capture small innovative businesses. Here is a tiny sample of Sustainable Designs in Manchester Vermont as they go through their day. These images will be used for web, social media, marketing and PR.  

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Another Head Shot Festival!

In honor of the soft opening of my new West Pawlet studio space, I am repeating this fun, stress-free, & budget-friendly way to get a profile image you’re proud of, in a way that fits in with your busy schedule. Reserve your session for any time in May! Choose weekdays or weekends, daytime or evening. Here's your

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New Sept. Workshop Scheduled. Sign up now!

Ramp up your photography with this hands-on workshop where you’ll learn simple, proven ways to capture better images of your family and friends, landscapes and of course pets! ;-) When and Where: Saturday Sept 26th, 2015 Manchester Studio 9am-1pm Fee $75 Skill Level: Beginner through Intermediate Gear Required: DSLR or Compact cameras with manual settings

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Let’s Celebrate the New Studio!

To celebrate the opening of my newly relocated photography and media studio I am giving away some pretty choice portrait packages. Winners will be randomly drawn on December 7, 2013! Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my wonderful photographic journey! #1 - Children’s Studio Session for up to 3 children under

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Firing Off the First Frames

I've been chomping at the bit to actually work in the new space instead of just painting, hanging and arranging. Yesterday Tikko, my assisting intern, and I found an hour in the new studio to try some test approaches with the strobes, the high ceilings, the white walls. The first shot was a single gridded

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The Ups and Downs of New Spaces

It was a lot of ups and downs - stairs, ladders and step stools to get the new space spackled, sanded, and painted in just a few days. I owe an extra dose of gratitude to my husband for volunteering and my nephew who did a lot of the tricky stuff. Prepping the space for

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First World Problems are Not Problems

At  almost a speed of light pace, the new studio space is coming together. I can't believe I've been professionally home-less for only six months. It feels longer. Excruciatingly so! The  new furniture and accessories have begun to arrive and I am delighted that my neutral but jewel-tone palette is luscious and just a touch

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Expanding My Palette

Have had the fun of playing interior designer these past few days and have finally zeroed in on the perfect color palette for the new studio. Now the real fun begins - selective acquisitions. (Sometimes referred to as shopping.) Oh and look, it's a lot like the colors of my brand and web site. Go

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PhotoSLAM Success

Truth is, about three hours before Manchester Vermont's StreetFest started, while I was going over my final PhotoSLAM checklist, I found myself asking - whose idea was this? Who offers to set up a temporary photo studio and shoot portraits for a little as five dollars. The phrase, this is insane, kept twirling through my

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Computer Campus Interview

Yikes, can I jaw. You might think from the sheer length of my podcast interview with Keith Tharp on Camera Campus that I could talk about photography forever - and  you would be right. Truth is Keith lopped off a good 45 minutes of our chat to get it down to the "reasonable" length it

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Two (glorious) Weeks in Tokyo

I was so fortunate to have been selected to travel to Tokyo, Japan to join more than 50 other iStockphoto and Getty photographers from all parts of the globe for what you might call a nine-day photo orgy, also known as an iStockalypse. During these arranged gatherings of photographers and models the mission is to

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Color is a Verb appears in new book.

Was delighted to see selections from my Color is a Verb included in David Nightingale's new book Extreme Exposures, Advanced Techniques for Creative Digital Photography. The book, published by Ilex Press out of East Sussex, England, covers a vast array of traditional and innovative techniques for capturing images in a variety of situations and will

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“Home Alone” Shortlisted for “Best Narrative” Award

Talk about feeling honored.  Home Alone, was selected by a panel of accomplished photographers and creatives as one of ten finalists from thousands of nominations in this year's iStockphoto's Stocky Awards, in the Best Narrative category. I remember taking this shot from our Montreal hotel room over Thanksgiving Holiday a couple years ago. This guy

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I've been a bad bad girl.

Normally I am pretty good at backing things up. Not totally OCD about it, but generally steadfast. Well I can't say that about my online newsletter email address list. During my recent switch of email services I actually DID back up, but backward, so I essentially replaced my current list of talented friends, undoubtedly astute

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Special Holiday Gift Packages

This year I am offering for a limited time three select Gift Portrait Packages. These fun, memorable portrait sessions make great surprises for parents, children, spouses and friends and are geared around individual personalities and interests. Sessions take place in my studio and will be scheduled between January 4 and December 10, 2010. Choose from

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Worldwide Photowalk – Manchester Vermont

The light was a little flat but at least it didn't rain. What a great time I had with everyone at the Manchester Vermont Photowalk. Thanks everyone and I hope to see you again.

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