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Senior Portrait  Senior Portrait

Great Senior Portrait Packages in SOuthern VermontYour senior portrait is going to follow you around for a long time. Your parents are going to whip it out on their iPad or post it on Facebook when they want to show off their family. It may also stand guard on the fireplace mantle or the hallway wall and you’ll have to look at it every time you bound up the stairs or slide down the bannister. For those reasons alone, it should be a photo you like, one you’re proud of and feel you look good in.

Besides all that, your senior portrait is sure to become a treasured memento of your high school achievements — a treasurable time in your life.

That’s why I take an upbeat, collaborative approach to your senior portraits with the hope that one day you’ll be able to use the senior portraits we take to prove to your own kids: “See, I really was hot when I was your age.” 😉

Let’s work together to capture creative, expressive portraits that are uniquely you, Whoever “you” may be. And don’t worry, I’ll make sure we get images that your folks love too.

If you want to create memorable, timeless images. Get in touch.

Download this year’s YOGO* Senior Portraits Brochure (PDF) for more more samples, information on available sessions, pricing and print packages.

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