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Destination photography - lifestyle family portraits

Trinity. Three Generations of Love

model photography

Rowan and Piper in the Studio


Birth announcements, baby photography, family portraits

Welcome Sebastian

A quick little family session to create brith announcements for this adorable little guy.

Fashion Photography

Olivia Before The Storm

Capturing a moment


Distonctive portraiture in natural light

Olivia II

A budding artist and a blank canvas

Soweto Market and Kliptown

Have had a wonderful and busy time exploring here in Johannesburg at the Social Enterprise World Forum. Yesterday my husband and I visited Soweto and then specifically Kliptown, a squatters’ camp. The Kliptown Youth Program is remarkably like The Tutorial […]

Penmanship counts

Toast with…a prayer?

A couple weeks ago I was sick with some funky flu-like thing that included among its notable features, an up-and-down-up-and-down-up-and-down—fever. During the up parts when my old-fashioned mercury thermometer read above 102.3 I had little choice but to quit working […]

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