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Waiting for “it.”

Those three young kids ruined the photo I was taking but gave me one so much better. This photograph, taken last summer at the local firemen’s carnival, is part of my Smalltown: Carnival series. Originally I had framed a shot […]

The Struggle

Vermont State Fair


Finding Religion at the County Fair

Click on the image to get the whole picture. When I saw this shot I instantly thought of religion – you can see some obvious metaphors. But the more I looked at it the more parallels I drew between this […]

At the Fair

County Fair Portraits

Washington County Fair

On the Ferris Wheel

Mike hayin'

Summer Hay

Got Cool Aid

Kool Aid


Joe & The Hearse

Joe. Joe explained to me how he plans to convert this Chevy Cavalier into a mini hearse. He has it all planned so you can still use the back seat when there’s not a coffin in the back. Joe hopes […]

Andy on His Porch

Sunday Breakfast at the Diner

Pedaling Home from Fishing


Sand & Water

Main Street 2nd Floor

Farming. It's like any other job.

T-Shirt: Farming, it’s like any other job, only you punch in at age 5 and your never punch out.

Rain on the parade

New Magic: The Gathering cards

This fellow nearly walked into me, so engrossed in his new Magic cards.

4th of July

New Braces. No Smiling.

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