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Waiting for “it.”

Those three young kids ruined the photo I was taking but gave me one so much better. This photograph, taken last summer at the local firemen’s carnival, is part of my Smalltown: Carnival series. Originally I had framed a shot […]

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Revisiting Memorial Day in Smalltown

I”ve gotten some good-natured grief from good-hearted friends over the fact that so little of my personal work or projects appeared on the web site after this recent redesign. I’l be posting additional pieces from Color is a Verb along […]


Joe & The Hearse

Joe. Joe explained to me how he plans to convert this Chevy Cavalier into a mini hearse. He has it all planned so you can still use the back seat when there’s not a coffin in the back. Joe hopes […]

Memorial Day 2009

Memorial Day 2009


Hanging Out: Bennington, VT

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