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Hip Japanese Couple Traveling

And This Little Lens Stays Home

How do you choose which gear goes and which stays home when you’re heading out on a trip that includes both work and play; historical settings; sacred and tourist spots; followed by contemporary urban locations and then wide open African […]

Penmanship counts

Toast with…a prayer?

A couple weeks ago I was sick with some funky flu-like thing that included among its notable features, an up-and-down-up-and-down-up-and-down—fever. During the up parts when my old-fashioned mercury thermometer read above 102.3 I had little choice but to quit working […]

Creation Image

Finding Your Religion(s)

There seem to be at least two distinct—though not mutually exclusive—sects in the church of stock photography: Creationists – those who create images specifically for stock libraries, and also what I’ll call Evolutionists – the folks who are happy to […]

Sketchbook of SHoot Ideas

The Ugly Truth

I can’t draw for sh*t, um, I mean beans. It’s not impossible to think I would have never become a photographer if I had had the ability to draw or paint. I mean who wouldn’t like to have the talents […]

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Revisiting Memorial Day in Smalltown

I”ve gotten some good-natured grief from good-hearted friends over the fact that so little of my personal work or projects appeared on the web site after this recent redesign. I’l be posting additional pieces from Color is a Verb along […]

Financial Nest Egg Revisited

Making Things Right(er)

The truth is occasionally I have an idea for a stock image that turns out to be, ready for this, stupid. Hey, it happens. I usually get past it. But this post isn’t about one of those times. This is […]

Learning to Say Yes to the voices in your head

Learning to have faith in the sofa

Occasionally, as photographers going about our day, we’ll see something and a voice will whisper “That’s a photo.” It might be an interesting person, a captivating view, or the perfect juxtaposition of objects. But often we don’t stop – we […]

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