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Will & Eric

I think it’s illegal to have as much fun as I had photographing Will & Eric. There are loads more images form my time with them…soon. I promise.      

Festive Glamour Images


A little holiday sparkle seems appropriate. Two images of Kasia from the first in-studio session.  

lovely romantic portraiture

A Day of Beauty

Bursting into laughter at the studio

It’s not all teenage angst


Stunning women without makeup

All Ashley. No Makeup.

Photogoraphing women.



Self Portrait with that Yellow Gown

Portrait with That Yellow Gown

vermont portrait photography

A Low-Key Day

Am starting to get friendly with all of the light in the new studio and it’s beginning to feel like home. Andrew came in for a couple of hours yesterday and we moved the light around overpowering all the daylight […]

Photographing Men. Strong and Sexy.

Paul – The Y Factor

After only shooting lovely girls and women the first weeks in the studio, I enjoyed a little testosterone in the light. I have photographed Paul a few times in the past few years and this time I realized it was […]

Captivating Children Photography

Both of the Helens

Both of these images, though wildly different in feel and emotion, express Helen perfectly, though she does tend to lean slightly more toward the first image. That’s the beauty of photography – recording the truth of an instant.  

Great Senior Portrait Packages in SOuthern Vermont

Win Free Prints for 2014!

Just yesterday I asked Siri to remind me to do something in six months and in her best Dr. Lilith Sternin-Crane voice she replied “Ok. Here’s your reminder for January 8, 2014. Shall I remind you?” 2014? Really? Wow. But the […]

Beautiful woman



Nicole & Courtney

Model: Nicole Makeup: Marieanne Souza Model: Nicole Makeup: Marieanne Souza

NEw studio image by Christine Glade

Farewell Flight

Senior Portrait

Senior Moments, I’m Having More of Them

I’ve been asked a lot over the years to shoot senior portraits and have done so only for friends and family. This year I’ve been having such a blast working with young people that I will be offering a select […]


Inside the Studio. And Out.



New Braces. No Smiling.


Hanging Out: Bennington, VT

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