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Tween photography


Lifestyle Family portrait


Lifestyle Family Portrait

Brothers and Sister

Trey. Brielle. Jackson. Fabulous.  

Great Senior Portrait Packages in SOuthern Vermont

Win Free Prints for 2014!

Just yesterday I asked Siri to remind me to do something in six months and in her best Dr. Lilith Sternin-Crane voice she replied “Ok. Here’s your reminder for January 8, 2014. Shall I remind you?” 2014?┬áReally? Wow. But the […]

Splashing in the sky

Splashing in the Sky

It’s been raining steadily for days. Not wanting to cancel another shoot because of weather, I shot with Colvin and Ryder Hathaway in the rain and we made the best of it. And then I made the best of it […]

Using small flashes to imply big light

A Kiss of Sunshine

This is a fake it till you feel it story…feel the warmth of sunshine that is. It’s rained the better part of June here in Vermont but I was just not going to endure another photo session with flat lifeless […]

Beautiful woman


Young Dancer

Young Dancer



Nicole & Courtney

Model: Nicole Makeup: Marieanne Souza Model: Nicole Makeup: Marieanne Souza

NEw studio image by Christine Glade

Farewell Flight

Creative Senior Portraits in Southern Vermont

Elle’s Senior Portraits




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Actively Seeking New Faces


Senior Portrait

Senior Moments, I’m Having More of Them

I’ve been asked a lot over the years to shoot senior portraits and have done so only for friends and family. This year I’ve been having such a blast working with young people that I will be offering a select […]


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