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Splashing in the sky

Splashing in the Sky

It’s been raining steadily for days. Not wanting to cancel another shoot because of weather, I shot with Colvin and Ryder Hathaway in the rain and we made the best of it. And then I made the best of it […]

NEw studio image by Christine Glade

Farewell Flight

Presently Untitled

A Single Simple Frame from Rome


South African Safari

We spent the last of our days in South Africa on both self-driven and guided safaris in Kruger National Park in Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces. What a blast. During our first visit to Kruger in 2004 we failed to catch […]

Snapshots ©2009, Chirstine Glade. All rights reserved.


©2010 Christine Glade. All rights reserved

Waiting for “it.”

Those three young kids ruined the photo I was taking but gave me one so much better. This photograph, taken last summer at the local firemen’s carnival, is part of my Smalltown: Carnival series. Originally I had framed a shot […]

© 2009, Christine Glade. All rights reserved.

Revisiting Memorial Day in Smalltown

I”ve gotten some good-natured grief from good-hearted friends over the fact that so little of my personal work or projects appeared on the web site after this recent redesign. I’l be posting additional pieces from Color is a Verb along […]

Learning to Say Yes to the voices in your head

Learning to have faith in the sofa

Occasionally, as photographers going about our day, we’ll see something and a voice will whisper “That’s a photo.” It might be an interesting person, a captivating view, or the perfect juxtaposition of objects. But often we don’t stop – we […]


Summer Splash

click on image to view uncropped verison

Ghost (Town) Hunting

Like many people I adore abandoned, run down places. I don’t know why but I am simply fascinated by the places people leave behind. Maybe because they appear to have been enjoyed, or at least consumed, by people and are […]





The Struggle

Vermont State Fair


Hiking Killington Peak

Yesterday was a perfect day to spend atop Killingon’s highest peak. Jack and I shot a series of stock images, including this one.


Finding Religion at the County Fair

Click on the image to get the whole picture. When I saw this shot I instantly thought of religion – you can see some obvious metaphors. But the more I looked at it the more parallels I drew between this […]

At the Fair

County Fair Portraits

Washington County Fair

On the Ferris Wheel

Mike hayin'

Summer Hay



I’m not normally much for taking flower images but I took this this morning, and it’s growing on me.



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