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Splashing in the sky

Splashing in the Sky

It’s been raining steadily for days. Not wanting to cancel another shoot because of weather, I shot with Colvin and Ryder Hathaway in the rain and we made the best of it. And then I made the best of it […]

Using small flashes to imply big light

A Kiss of Sunshine

This is a fake it till you feel it story…feel the warmth of sunshine that is. It’s rained the better part of June here in Vermont but I was just not going to endure another photo session with flat lifeless […]

Beautiful woman


Walking the Water Buffalo Home in Fanglou Village

China: Bringing Home The Water Buffalo

Chinese water buffalo have to spend around 6 hours a day in the water to stay healthy. At the end of each day farmers bring their animals home from the river and back to the village. We captured this simple […]


Biking. The China Way.

I may not have mentioned, it’s twelve billion degrees here in Yangshuo with two billion percent humidity. Not my favorite weather. But after a brief  rain shower the skies were uncharacteristically blue and bright so we took our lives in […]


Glimpses of China: Longi

Hiking around the Dragon’s Backbone and to Longi village, a local Grandma shows us how to make rice wine (photos to come.) Lots of photos to sort through of the ten mile hike we made from one rice terrace village […]

Restaurant Staff Takes a Break

China: A Break in Beijing

Where Ideas Take Flight Ad

Farewell Flight featured in iStockphoto Ad

Found out yesterday that my image of Kristina and the empty nest will be used in some of iStockphoto’s marketing. It will be appearing in at least two books: 100 Things by Susan Weinshenck and another thus far untitled photoshop […]


South African Safari

We spent the last of our days in South Africa on both self-driven and guided safaris in Kruger National Park in Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces. What a blast. During our first visit to Kruger in 2004 we failed to catch […]

A budding artist and a blank canvas

Soweto Market and Kliptown

Have had a wonderful and busy time exploring here in Johannesburg at the Social Enterprise World Forum. Yesterday my husband and I visited Soweto and then specifically Kliptown, a squatters’ camp. The Kliptown Youth Program is remarkably like The Tutorial […]

Hip Japanese Couple Traveling

And This Little Lens Stays Home

How do you choose which gear goes and which stays home when you’re heading out on a trip that includes both work and play; historical settings; sacred and tourist spots; followed by contemporary urban locations and then wide open African […]

Leaving behind the bad fortune at the temple in Kamakura

Leaving Bad Fortune Behind in Japan

  It’s only small comfort but I feel extremely fortunate that everyone I personally know in Japan was, at last contact, safe. Only one friend could not make it back to their home after the quake/tsunami but after days in […]

Happy Asian Family

Istockphoto Image of the Week

What a great surprise to awake this morning and learn (from my Europoean Facebook friends) that this image from Tokyo is anchoring the Photos section of the iStockphoto web site as the featured Image of the Week. Too cool. I […]

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Camera Campus

Computer Campus Interview

Yikes, can I jaw. You might think from the sheer length of my podcast interview with Keith Tharp on Camera Campus that I could talk about photography forever – and  you would be right. Truth is Keith lopped off a […]

Penmanship counts

Toast with…a prayer?

A couple weeks ago I was sick with some funky flu-like thing that included among its notable features, an up-and-down-up-and-down-up-and-down—fever. During the up parts when my old-fashioned mercury thermometer read above 102.3 I had little choice but to quit working […]

Creation Image

Finding Your Religion(s)

There seem to be at least two distinct—though not mutually exclusive—sects in the church of stock photography: Creationists – those who create images specifically for stock libraries, and also what I’ll call Evolutionists – the folks who are happy to […]

Sketchbook of SHoot Ideas

The Ugly Truth

I can’t draw for sh*t, um, I mean beans. It’s not impossible to think I would have never become a photographer if I had had the ability to draw or paint. I mean who wouldn’t like to have the talents […]

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Revisiting Memorial Day in Smalltown

I”ve gotten some good-natured grief from good-hearted friends over the fact that so little of my personal work or projects appeared on the web site after this recent redesign. I’l be posting additional pieces from Color is a Verb along […]

Financial Nest Egg Revisited

Making Things Right(er)

The truth is occasionally I have an idea for a stock image that turns out to be, ready for this, stupid. Hey, it happens. I usually get past it. But this post isn’t about one of those times. This is […]

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