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Extreme Exposure

Color is a Verb appears in new book.

Was delighted to see selections from my Color is a Verb included in David Nightingale’s new book Extreme Exposures, Advanced Techniques for Creative Digital Photography. The book, published by Ilex Press out of East Sussex, England, covers a vast array […]

click on image to view uncropped verison

Ghost (Town) Hunting

Like many people I adore abandoned, run down places. I don’t know why but I am simply fascinated by the places people leave behind. Maybe because they appear to have been enjoyed, or at least consumed, by people and are […]

Color is a Verb: Embrace

I've been a bad bad girl.

Normally I am pretty good at backing things up. Not totally OCD about it, but generally steadfast. Well I can’t say that about my online newsletter email address list. During my recent switch of email services I actually DID back […]

Exhibit of Portraits by Christine Glade

Solo Exhibit Opens Dec 10th



Special Holiday Gift Packages

This year I am offering for a limited time three select Gift Portrait Packages. These fun, memorable portrait sessions make great surprises for parents, children, spouses and friends and are geared around individual personalities and interests. Sessions take place in […]



The Struggle

Vermont State Fair


Hiking Killington Peak

Yesterday was a perfect day to spend atop Killingon’s highest peak. Jack and I shot a series of stock images, including this one.


Finding Religion at the County Fair

Click on the image to get the whole picture. When I saw this shot I instantly thought of religion – you can see some obvious metaphors. But the more I looked at it the more parallels I drew between this […]

At the Fair

County Fair Portraits

Washington County Fair

On the Ferris Wheel

Mike hayin'

Summer Hay



I’m not normally much for taking flower images but I took this this morning, and it’s growing on me.

The Nature of Awe running Aug 18 through Sept 1 2009

Upcoming Exhibit: The Nature of Awe

My abstract Color is a Verb series will be showing at the Spiral Press, in Manchester Vermont from August 18 through Sept 1 as part of a joint photography show with wilderness photographer Tom Reed.



Color is a Verb: Pirouette

Color is A Verb: Pirouette

Got Cool Aid

Kool Aid


Joe & The Hearse

Joe. Joe explained to me how he plans to convert this Chevy Cavalier into a mini hearse. He has it all planned so you can still use the back seat when there’s not a coffin in the back. Joe hopes […]

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