Sort of Wish I’d Upgraded to iPhone 5

New Portrait Comercial Photography Studio
I know with an iPhone 5 you can create killer panoramic shots as easily as shooting video. I however am still hanging onto my iPone 4s. Why? Because it fits into a really great wallet that I love and am not ready to get rid of.

In the meantime here’s a lame series of regular ol’ single images that I took with the 4s showing the evolution of the studio so far. More equipment is being delivered today – critical stuff like the refrigerator. I am still deciding which images will grace the walls and have, with help from a great photo editor friend, narrowed it down from 160 candidates to 20 possible selections. I will be whittling that down further to 6 large images. It’s like choosing which is your favorite child.

I expect to begin shooting Wednesday with my first scheduled studio session that afternoon. I’m pretty pumped.

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