The Ups and Downs of New Spaces

It was a lot of ups and downs – stairs, ladders and step stools to get the new space spackled, sanded, and painted in just a few days. I owe an extra dose of gratitude to my husband for volunteering and my nephew who did a lot of the tricky stuff.

Creating an ideal photography studio means painting, cleaning, and rethinking what you think you've already re-thought

Prepping the space for painting took a few days of tedious, uninspired labor. The upside: I learned the proper spackle technique and would be justified in adding Master Spackler to my resumé.

By the end of the first day we were well into the job and that was the upside. The downside was I was by then also well into the worst sore throat virus I’ve had in, I daresay, my life. Not the best way to attack a big project but I strong-armed my way through it for the first few days, determined to stay on track in getting the space ready for work. My shear stubbornness prevailed until on the last day the fever came and knocked me flat. I left the final afternoon of painting in the men’s capable hands and went home where I collapsed on the sofa.

Before I took myself out of the fix-up team line-up, the phrase that most bounced around the echoey walls was without a doubt “I think we’re going to need more paint.” And we did. Again and again. And again. I don’t remember what the final gallon count was but it was easily 3 times more than I had planned. Some of that was due to my deciding to paint more than originally expected, some was that it soaked deeply into the large thirsty walls.¬†The upside: I am now on a first name basis with Deb at the paint store and she was full of great advice.

The wonderfully high ceilings required endless up and down on the ladders but the studio is going to be fabulous.

After much excruciating doubt (mainly on my part) as to whether I’d chosen the “perfect” shade of white, in the end it was unanimously decided that I had. Not too cold, not too warm. The place looks wonderful. Fresh and airy. Now we get to the fun part, the real upside: outfitting it to take photos with more than my iPhone. Very excited!

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Above is an iPhone image of the finished painted space. More excited than I can say!


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