First World Problems are Not Problems

At  almost a speed of light pace, the new studio space is coming together. I can’t believe I’ve been professionally home-less for only six months. It feels longer. Excruciatingly so!

The  new furniture and accessories have begun to arrive and I am delighted that my neutral but jewel-tone palette is luscious and just a touch sparkly! Exactly as I imagined. Tomorrow I meet with the painter to work out our plan of attack for the walls.

Pillows with texture and shimmer

Disappointing news came from the flooring and carpet guys. Thanks to the looming holiday season they’re pretty booked so I won’t be able to tackle that floor piece of the puzzle until after the New Year. Do I like the carpet that’s currently in place? No. But I’m not letting that damper my excitement or enjoyment of this great new space. I have a very simple approach to gauging problems. It is essentially this: Whenever I am confronted by something that seems to be  troublesome, I ask myself this: Is this an issue that anyone living in a third, or even second- world country would be remotely worried about? If the answer is no, then it’s not really a problem. It’s merely an inconvenience. It’s really that simple.

So much great light in the studio I can grow plants - hopefully.On the up, up, up, side, there’s enough light in the new place to grow plants, something that’s difficult in our home and was impossible in my old studio. The bird cages pictured are meant to house living green things, says the woman with a purple thumb.

Within the next week I should be able to operate in the new space – and will plan a proper, and surely grand, opening once everything settles down. Until then I am enjoying photographing wonderful people and being thankful for finally finding a new space to call my studio, which is just another word for home.

Silver glass beads and gold crushed velvet. Luscious! Small black side table Small details of the new Christine Glade Photography studio client space

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