Firing Off the First Frames

I’ve been chomping at the bit to actually work in the new space instead of just painting, hanging and arranging. Yesterday Tikko, my assisting intern, and I found an hour in the new studio to try some test approaches with the strobes, the high ceilings, the white walls.

The first shot was a single gridded strobe. Nothing fancy. No makeup. No backdrop.

It was already heading into twilight when we started working so there was no natural light to work with. Our only hope was to make some. The second series was created using two lights bouncing off the walls and ceilings trying to mimic natural light. A great start for an hour’s work. I’m really looking forward to experimenting with the space and what’s possible in it. It’s nothing like my previous studio so I have a lot to become acquainted with. What a wonderful winter project!

simple portrait with one light creating_natural_light_studio-5
using strobes to create a natural light feel

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