A Kiss of Sunshine

This is a fake it till you feel it story…feel the warmth of sunshine that is. It’s rained the better part of June here in Vermont but I was just not going to endure another photo session with flat lifeless light, especially when my subjects were anything but lifeless.

A few years ago I spent a wonderful Saturday at Joe McNally’s studio for a workshop in, among other things, the off-camera flash techniques for which he’s (in)famous.

During this shoot I was able to modify some of those techniques to add a kiss of sunlight to what was in reality a bleak, dark and steadily raining day.

This image was shot in natural light but with one canon speedlight, off camera, to add the impression of sunlight. I use this approach a lot especially since here in Vermont we’re only second to Seattle for gray weather.

Using small flashes to imply big light

Here’s what the day actually looked like:
Another Rainy day - 18% Gray 184A2131 splashing in the rain

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