Computer Campus Interview

Camera CampusYikes, can I jaw. You might think from the sheer length of my podcast interview with Keith Tharp on Camera Campus that I could talk about photography forever – and¬† you would be right. Truth is Keith lopped off a good 45 minutes of our chat to get it down to the “reasonable” length it is – about 75 minutes.

The interview itself was great fun and I think there are some morsels of wisdom for new or working stock shooters. We spend a lot of time discussing iStockphoto, the agency that exclusively represents my work – but if you’re interested in creating stock imagery, we discuss some of my experiences with the industry, the process, the rewards and the pitfalls of microstock. I only cussed once. Listen for it.

Have a listen. Let me know what you think.

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One Response to “Computer Campus Interview”
  1. Brenda

    Thanks Christine! I listened to the interview on the commute home. You make it sound so fun I am considering looking into stock. Thanks.

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