Color is a Verb appears in new book.

Color is a Verb included in David Nightingale's new book Extreme Exposures

Was delighted to see selections from my Color is a Verb included in David Nightingale’s new book Extreme Exposures, Advanced Techniques for Creative Digital Photography.

The book, published by Ilex Press out of East Sussex, England, covers a vast array of traditional and innovative techniques for capturing images in a variety of situations and will be available September 2010.

As a body of work Color is a Verb has deep personal importance for me. What began as a personal project for my husband continues to evolve as a series of vibrant interpretive images of nature that quickly became popular. But that’s how art happens sometimes—unexpectedly—and it doesn’t always wait for you to catch up.

A few of the words behind the photosAs the series has developed, my approach to each individual image has changed. I spend a great deal more time pre-visualizing each shot with a more defined expectation than in the earliest captures. But the truth is with a technique like this, controlling the outcome to any great degree is virtually impossible. So I have to be satisfied with the execution of my intent and stay open to the idea that art can have its own energies.

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2 Responses to “Color is a Verb appears in new book.”
  1. Ethan

    What a great set of images. I’m not surprised they were included in a book about innovative photo techniques. Gorgeous stuff.

  2. brenda

    Wow! That’s terrific! I’ll have to get a copy.

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A few of the words behind the photos I created this little icon to indicate where I've included some technical or practical background information on how a photo or series was created. Go ahead, geek out.